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Healing the World by Healing Ourselves

Sun, January 20 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

$15 – $23

“By the power I am as a manifestation of Source Consciousness in this world, have ever been, and will ever be, I commit to living Love by the power of my every breath.”

Wow, that’s a powerful statement and commitment! As Guardians, we are seeded with the desire to honor that commitment by serving humanity with Love. Being at our Guardianship best requires us to be at our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual best. To support that effort, Phoenix Institute has created a new 9-week program titled, Healing the World by Healing Ourselves. Consider making 2019 your best year ever as a Guardian by participating in this life-changing program.

The new program has two components. The first one consists of in-class participation based on weekly homework designed to help you dig deeply into those obstacles that keep you from being your best. The second component requires personal work outside of the weekly meetings. We know that many of you will be curious about the program requirements, so we are posting them in advance.

We also realize that some of you may have physical limitations that would not allow you to comply with every requirement. If that is the case, please let us know because we would not want those limitations to keep you from participating in the program.

Personal Work Outside of Meetings

Samuel has always endorsed mandatory challenges in Phoenix’s programs because they create camaraderie, show us our strengths, plus they make us healthier, increase our energy, and make positive differences in us that we can see. The following are mandatory requirements for the duration of the program:

  • Diet
    • Follow a whole food, vegan diet with no onion or garlic and as little processed food as possible. Doing so will entail cooking more at home, eliminating refined sugar products.
    • Stay more hydrated than you’ve ever been. Work to drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water daily. Drink distilled water whenever possible.
    • Remove alcohol and ingestible stimulants (e.g., caffeinated drinks and chocolate) totally from your diet during the program.
  • Exercise three days a week for at least 30 minutes if you have not been exercising at all; five days a week for at least 30 minutes if you have been.  If you choose to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the entire 30 minutes is not required. Choose an exercise program that fits your body but make sure to include stretching, aerobic exercise, and strengthening both your upper and lower body.
  • Give yourself an electronics-free time period each week. This could be on your walk, an hour a day, or after 7:00 at night. Make sure to be at least 3 feet away from your devices even if they are switched off. Please pay attention to how electronics affect you by noticing how you feel.
  • Ground daily. If weather permits, take a few moments out each day to get on the earth and to connect with it.
  • Write down five daily gratitudes: It’s important to recognize our gratitudes because that action creates a positive chemical change in our bodies.
  • Be quiet. Set aside 10 minutes a day to meditate, calm your mind, and listen.
  • Practice Sitting at least once a week. This is Samuel’s new Sitting exercise that he recently introduced. With a partner, decide what category of thing you are going to be sending to each other—colors, animals, plants—then decide who is going to send first. Next sit back to back with your backs touching. Relax and merge with each other. When the first sender is ready, he/she thinks of a color, animal, or plant, whatever category was decided, sets a timer for one minute, and sends that thought to the receiver. When the timer goes off, the receiver tells what he or she received and gets feedback. Then the receiver becomes the sender and the process is repeated.
  • Practice courtesy to the extreme for the duration of the program. Courtesy to the extreme means going out of your way to open doors, to make life easier for someone else. In order to do this, you need to change your speech patterns saying, “Would you please,” or “May I do?” Be conscious of your speech patterns to put politeness into your language. This is about changing old habits. Politeness requires us to think of others.


To preregister by mail, please send a check, payable to Phoenix Institute, Inc., for your registration fee of $15 (program with an electronic version of the booklet) or $18 (program with a printed version of the booklet) to:

Phoenix Institute
PO Box 12963, Lexington, KY 40583

Please include your name, email address, and the best phone number to be able to reach you if we need to.
Your check must be received no later than Saturday, January 19

You can also preregister below.

Preregistration ends at noon on Sunday, January 20! You can register at the door; at-the-door fees are $20 and $23.


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Sun, January 20
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
$15 – $23
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