Dearest Friends,

As the new head of Fundraising, I’ve seen how needed you are in Phoenix’s ability to keep providing this website, the OneHeart energy network, first-Sunday meetings with Samuel (including live streams), and the newsletter, Phoenix Rising. These opportunities to experience Samuel’s life-changing teachings and build a spiritual network were created to serve not only the Lexington community, but Atlanta’s, Pittsburgh’s, and the global community as well.

It takes money to keep our (and your) building and grounds maintained. We’ve recently needed to renew the duct system in the building and repave the parking lot, and the interior of the building needs to be painted (and made homier). The building is a powerful energetic portal where not only the Lexington community can meet weekly, but where we house the new library and provide many events for the larger Phoenix community, like the December Events. Festival of Light and New Year’s Eve have people from all over the country come together and celebrate with Samuel. The December events alone cost about $5,000.

Samuel recently reminded us that the more we do to serve others (specifically through spiritually centered organizations such as Phoenix Institute), the more quickly we will incorporate our new timelines and the frequencies of higher-density living. This means, he said, that we will more easily be able to “download” incoming information transmissions that will help us function at higher frequencies in this changing world. Phoenix Institute is run by volunteers, and service is a way to be involved in the work.

Giving money is a way to express gratitude for what you are receiving and to support Phoenix’s ability to continue hosting Samuel and offer all the things that I have mentioned and more. I will send out a pledge letter in late summer, so please watch for that, but you can begin your support of Samuel’s work through Phoenix Institute now by making your tax-deductible donation using the button on this page or sending a check made out to Phoenix Institute to:

Attention: Mary Claire
Phoenix Institute
PO Box 12963
Lexington, KY 40583-2963

If you have any questions or would like to email me: Please help us continue to offer the services that help you change the world!

With much love,
Mary Claire O’Neal
Fundraising Committee

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