Living Love

Phoenix Institute is one of Samuel’s Phoenix Communities

Lexington Lifescapes

Saturday, February 23
1:30–4:30 p.m.

Samuel's Lifescapes help us make windows of opportunity out of the energetic doorways opening all around us.

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Coming Soon to Phoenix

February Full Moon

Tuesday, February 19
6:30 pm

Full moon rituals are special events at Phoenix Institute where we send energy to empower aspects of ourselves.

The intent of this ritual is to empower women all over the world to stand up and take action for justice and equality and to support each other in these efforts.

Healing the World by Healing Ourselves

Sunday, February 24
5:00–6:30 p.m.

A new program designed to help Guardians restructure their lives so they can have the maximum positive impact in the world.

You must have registered by January 20 to participate in this program.

First-Sunday Meeting with Samuel

Sunday, February 3
5:00 pm–6:30 pm

Samuel’s free, first Sunday of the month program at Phoenix Institute is where Samuel delivers his special teachings . . .

Energy Circles

Most Sunday evenings and Wednesday mornings. Click the image for a schedule.